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Training Session 1 - Forehand Drive

Great starting point for any player to learn the basics of Table Tennis / Ping Pong

Training Session 2 - Backhand Drive

The irreplaceable basic for the development of Table Tennis / Ping Pong player

Training Session 3 - Forehand Topspin

The most dominant and reliable stroke in Table Tennis / Ping Pong

Training Session 4 - Backhand Topspin

When there isn't enough time to turn around for forehand topspin

Training Session 5 - Block

When on the defensive, well placed block can save the day and match

Training Session 6 - Service Basics

Serve is initial and the most individual stroke to set up rest of the point

Training Session 7 - Reverse Pendulum Serve

Offers many opportunities to produce different rotations

Training Session 8 - Service Receive

Good short receive stops the opponent from attacking first



Courtesy International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)


Roger Casper

Such amazing training videos, I wish I had seen these before getting into bad habits of my bad shots, LOL, but it is never too late to learn :)

Roger Casper

Probably the best training videos in table tennis, thank you


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